• I have the pleasure to work with Sandy on the Van Gogh Museum’s new Multimedia tours (2013-2017) for which we create a new sustainable ecosystem for multimedia tours through an agile circle of visitor research, development, and testing. Sandy is not just a wonderful script writer with large experience in interpretation and touching the right tone of voice. She is part of the development team. She is able to critically consider our aims, brand, visitor feedback, what our story is about and tickle us to rethink if needed. Working with Sandy as a co-creator really inspires people.

    - Marthe de Vet, Head of Education, Van Gogh Museum

  • Thanks so much FOR EVERYTHING. You've been a dream partner in every regard.

    – Anne Manning, Deputy Director for Education, Baltimore Museum of Art

  • I've had the pleasure of working with Sandy on numerous occasions during my time at SFMOMA, first as a script writer and producer at Antenna Audio ("Frida Kahlo" multimedia tour; "Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keeffe: Natural Affinities") and more recently as an independent script writer for a multimedia tour of the museum's 75th Anniversary exhibition. In all cases I've been extremely impressed by her deep knowledge and passion for the artists and issues surrounding modern and contemporary art. And unlike many scholars of her caliber, Sandy has the gift of writing for the ear. With her deft research, interviewing, and scripting skills, Sandy weaves often difficult subject matter into illuminating and inspiring stories that bring art to life, without ever "dumbing" things down.

    Stephanie Pau, Manager of Interpretation, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  • The response to our audio guide has been just phenomenal. People routinely comment on the intelligence of the script and how much the program adds to their understanding. I can't imagine that anyone could have done a better job or be more pleasant to work with. Regarding the podcasts, not only is Sandy a great interviewer, making everyone comfortable and focusing on the most interesting aspects of the topic, but her voice and her presence make her the perfect "voice of the Carlos."

    Elizabeth Hornor, Director of Education, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University

  • My daughter had been straining to leave until we started using the tour. She immediately became engaged, talking to the 'voice', talking to other children about the features, telling me what she'd found out. I was amazed how sociable it was as an experience.

    A museum visitor writing to Tate Modern about her experience with the multimedia guide for children/families

  • Sandy has written some wonderful scripts for Tate Modern audio and multimedia guides. She is able to carefully consider the target audience for a production and to write a lively and engaging script to suit. Professionally weaving the scripted narration with video or audio interview footage and visual resources is another of Sandy's talents. Multimedia guide scripts written by Sandy for our Frida Kahlo exhibition, Henri Rousseau exhibition and also our Family Multimedia guide have been some of the most popular we have produced, and it's always been a pleasure to work with Sandy on such projects.

    Gillian Wilson, Curator: Interpretation, Tate Modern